Xtreme Ales on Wheels.
Home deliveries continues....
Delivering ale to the people..... FoXey!

Xtreme Pre-Order Number:     
07737 788117 For Calls, Texts or Whats App. 

Greetings from the Xtreme Team... By the drop in demand from Ales on Wheels we hope you are all off enjoying the good weather in the various fabulous beer gardens across the city. Well done to all the landlords and managers for their sterling efforts in making their premises COVID safe we salute you....

If the beer gardens and the cold isn’t for you then Xtreme Ales on Wheels is still delivering, although, due to the drop in demand, we will not be offering the extensive range we have had on in the past as we prefer to offer a few fresh ales rather than a lot of tired ones... Order before 1600hrs for delivery by 1930hrs.... Except on Sunday, order by 1400 hrs!

You all know the spiel by now so the key points:
There is a minimum order quantity of 4 pints or 4 bottles with nominal delivery charge of £1 per order.

Recipients of the order will have to be over 18 and proof of age maybe requested before the alcohol is handed over.

Pre-orders can be made by Phone, Text or What’s App to The Hotline Number: 07737 788117 and need to include the customer’s name, address, choice of drink and quantity.

Orders will be taken up to 1600 hrs Mon-Sat and 1400hrs on Sunday and will be delivered in the following three and a half hours.

Most draft products will be £3/pint and there will a container charge of 50p per container, but if customers return/swap one of our clean/rinsed containers on delivery we will wave the container charge and save the planet.
Bottles and some very strong draft ales will be priced separately.

Delivering Ales to the people FoXey.....

From our cellar, this week, we are offering:

BeXt 3.9% - Best Bitter                            Grainstore 1050 5.0% - Mahogany Bitter

Winter Xporter 6.0% - Porter                  GalaXy 5.0% - Indian Pale Ale


Rhubarb X Custard 6.0% - Sublime Porter 



The Xtreme Teams bottled range now has:

GalaXy 5.0% - Indian Pale Ale          500ml - £3.30

Pigeon Ale 20 4.3% - Pale Ale         500ml - £3.05
Smoxey Mild 4.0%
- English Mild    500ml - £3.00
Saxquatch 8.6% - Dark Old Ale        500ml - £5.00       330ml - £3.50
Red FoX 4.5% - Red Ale                    500ml - £3.05
Winter Xporter 6.0% - Porter           500ml - £3.35
Triple Hop Xtra-IPA 5.0%                 500ml - £3.20
OatiX 4.6% - Oatmeal Stout             500ml - £3.10
XSB 5.0% - Special Bitter                 500ml - £3.25

Bottles from our friends Weldon brewery:

Galvy Stout 4.2%                               500ml - £3.15
Dragline 3.9% - Golden Ale               500ml - £3.10
Stahlstadt 4.0%
- Blonde Ale            500ml - £3.10



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