Xtreme Ales is at The Farmers
Bringing Real Ale to the People..... FoXey!

The Farmers Pre-Order Number:     
07737 788117 (Just till Wed)
For Calls, Texts or Whats App. 

Greetings from the Xtreme Team at The Farmers Yaxley.

Following the compulsory closure of The Farmers under the November Lockdown 2.0, the Xtreme Team are pleased to announce that we will be operating a PRE-ORDER, off-sales, takeaway service for draft ales, lagers and other products.

All orders will be supplied in sealed 2 or 4 pint (milk style) containers and delivered to customers in the car park at the front of The Farmers. Customers cannot enter the premises, this is part of the regulations and we have to adhere to them or risk a hefty fine.

Pre-orders can be made by Phone, Text or Whats App to The Farmers Hotline Number: 07737 788117 and need to include the customer’s name, choice of drink and quantity (in 2 pint multiples) and the estimated time of collection, during the operating hours, which are currently scheduled to take place daily from 1500hrs to 1900hrs Monday to Saturday and 1400hrs to 1600hrs on Sunday.

Orders will be taken up to 15 minutes before the end of the session with collection no later than the designated time. Please consider that the orders will need to be made up and then delivered to the car park by the Xtreme Team so allow a reasonable time window from order to collection.

To keep things simple all products will be £3/pint and there is a container charge of 50p per container, but if customers return one of our clean/rinsed container with them we will take this from them for sterilisation and re-use, wave the container charge and save the planet. WE CANNOT FILL YOUR CONTAINER ON A PRE-ORDER COLLECTION.

Payment is preferred by contactless card, however we can accept chip and pin and cash will be taken as a last resort, but we ask customers to try and have the correct monies.

If customers arrive in vehicles please remain in the vehicle, form a queue or park if necessary and wait to be called to the front, side-door collection point, shown in the picture, where you will be given your order through the window of your vehicle, we will take returned containers at this time as well.

If customers arrive on foot, wait for the team to spot you and call you to the collection point, call or message the Hotline if necessary, do not enter the premises. 

Today's Ale List

Monday 30th Nov & Tuesday 1st Dec: Last days of Lockdown

Pigeon Ale 2020 4.3% - Infamous pale Ale       Milk Stout 4.5%

Xinder Toffee Mild 4.1%                                     BlaX Forest Stout 4.5%

ParadoX 4.9% - Imperial Pale Ale                      SmoXey Mild 4.0%
Mr X 3.9% - Best Bitter                                        Bumbling Brewery Creme Brulee 4.5%

We also have other draft offerings including:

Guinness                               Fosters
Kronenbourg 1664               John Smiths Smooth
Stongbow – Original            Adnams Ghostship (Low Alcohol 0.5%) 

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